58 Gallon Stainless Steel Variable Volume Fermenter

58 Gallon Stainless Steel Variable Volume Tank from Speidel Wine Making Equipment

Stainless Steel Variable Volume Tank for Winemaking

Stainless Steel Winemaking Tanks and Wine Making Fermenters

Stainless Steel Variable Volume Tank for Wine Making

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Coupon Code Date: 9-14-2015
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Coupon Code Description: MoreWineMaking.com currently has a promo code on a 58 Gallon Stainless Steel Variable Volume Wine Fermenter for Home Wine Making. This coupon code is for a Speidel 220 L  / 58 G stainless steel variable volume tank . These Variable Volume Tanks from Speidel are manufactured in Germany from high quality stainless steel  for the wine industry and home winemakers. The tank body is build out of food grade 304 stainless steel, while the floating lid is made from 316 stainless steel. This variable volume wine making tank also has an inflatable bladder that pumps up to seal the wine off at any volume level. These stainless steel winemaking tanks can be used for primary fermentation as well as aging. These tanks arrive to you complete and ready to use out of the box after minor assembly.

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