SAVE $763 On a Stainless Steel 1000L Jacketed Holding Tank!

SAVE $763 On a Stainless Steel 1000L Jacketed Holding Tank!

SAVE $763 On a Stainless Steel 1000L Jacketed Holding Tank!

Coupon Code Date: 3-31-2017 Until Supplies Last
Promotion Details: SAVE $763 On a Stainless Steel 1000L Jacketed Holding Tank!
Coupon Description: Right now More Beer and More Wine have one of their 1000L Stainless Steel Jacketed Tanks on sale and you can save yourself $763! This is a fantastic price for a a great stainless steel tank!  This is an 1000 L Sealed tank, manufactured by Lainox of Italy.  This stainless steel tank is priced to move and is rich with features such as a cooling band, manway and top hatch, and sight gauge!  The dish bottom design stands on three legs, and allows for complete drainage of product, as well as easier cleaning. Here are some of the features of this stainless steel tank:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Full Drainage Dish Bottom Design
  • 1000 L (264 gal) Capacity
  • 78″ tall, 48″ wide
  • 12″ Manway
  • 16″ Top Hatch
  • Sight Gauge
  • Sample Valve
  • Cooling Band w/ 1″ MPT inlet, and 1.25″ MPT outlet
  • Max pressure for cooling band is 1 bar Stainless Steel Fermenter

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Speidel Flat Bottom Variable Volume Tank Sale

110L Speidel Flat Bottom Variable Volume Tank

110L Speidel Flat Bottom Variable Volume Tank

110L Speidel Flat Bottom Variable Volume Tank

MoreWine & Promo Code. October 2015
Limited time and quantity coupon codes from – More Wine
Coupon Code Date: 10-12-2015
Promotion Details: Sale Price – $380   Regular Price – $440
Promo Code: WINEDEAL
Coupon Code Description: currently has a promo code on a 110L Speidel Flat Bottom Variable Volume Tank. The stainless steel tank body is fabricated from 304-type stainless steel, while the floating lid is made from 316-type stainless and has an inflatable bladder that pumps up to seal the wine off at any volume level. These tanks can be used for primary fermentation as well as aging.  These tanks represent the very best value available in stainless steel wine storage. These wine tanks arrive to you complete and ready to go out of the box after a little assembly. These stainless steel wine tanks are fitted with 1/2 inch threaded ports to accomodate the included 1/2 inch stainless steel ball valve and 1/2 inch stainless plug.

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Stainless Steel Storage and Lager Tanks

MoreBeer – More Wine Making 28 Gallon Stainless Steel Storage Tank for Home Brewing and Wine Making, Promo Code

Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Stainless Steel Storage Tank is offering a promo code to purchase a 28 Gallon top of the line Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter for home brewing and home wine making.

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They are selling this stainless steel storage tank for $165 and it typically sells for $195. This stainless steel storage tank is perfect for lager or storing large beer or wine batches for short durations of time.

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