Grainfather Beer Brewing System

Grain Father Home Beer Brewing System

Grain Father Home Beer Brewing System

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Grain Father Homebrewing System Sale

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Coupon Code for the Month of  December, 2015
Sale Date: 12-9-2015 to Unknown
Promotion Details: Save $90 On A Grain Father Homebrewing System
Sale Code:  Home Brewing Sale Item

Coupon Item Description: Adventures in Homebrewing currently has a promotion going on where you can Save $90 On A Grain Father Homebrewing System. The Grain Father home brewery is an all inclusive all grain beer brewing system. The homebrewing system allows you to mash at high efficiency by utilizing a pump for easy recirculating of the wort through the mashing process. The grain bed is then easy raised out of the kettle to provide for sparging and draining of the grains. Your mash tun then becomes an electric boil kettle. The mash temperature and boil are all controlled precisely with an electric heating element. The system comes with a digital temperature controller so you can adjust temperature of your mash with in a degree.  The included pump allows for easy recirculating of your wort during the mash as well as allows for quick cooling at the end of the boil by allowing you to pump through the included counterflow chiller. The GrainFather home brewing system is one of the most compact home brew rigs on the market.

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Plastic Fermenter Sale!

Fast Ferment Plastic Conical Fermenter Coupon Code & MoreBeer Promo Codes
Buy a Fast Ferment Plastic Conical Fermenter and Get a Free Strap and Thermometer

Coupon Code Date: 10-26-2015 to 10-31-2015
Promotion Details: Buy a FastFerment Conical and Get a Free Strap & Thermometer!
Promo Code: SAVEFAST
Product User Rating: 5/5
Availability: In Stock

Coupon Description: This More Beer coupon code is for a free strap and thermometer when you purchase a fast fermenter plastic conical fermenter for home brewing and home wine making. The Fast Ferment is an affordable plastic conical fermenter that allows a home brewer or home winemaker to collect sediment in the included collection ball for easy removal or yeast harvesting. The Fast Ferment plastic conical fermentor is easy to use and more affordable than stainless steel conicals.  During fermentation the bottom valve is left open so that sediment will fall into the collection ball. During or after fermentation is over the valve is shut and the collection ball can be removed without introducing oxygen into the fermenter. Typically with most small conical fermenters if you let trub dump out the bottom air has to come into to replace that volume.  After dumping sediment or trub the collection ball can be reattached and the valve opened again to allow clean yeast to settle into the ball. That yeast can then be used to ferment your next batch of beer.

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