The Grain Father Home Brewing System

Grain Father Home Brewing System $890

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Grain Father Home Brewing System $890

Promotion: Grain Father Home Beer Brewing System
Price: $890 + Free Shipping
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Right now, Adventures in Homebrewing currently has a sale going on where you can get a New Grain Father Home Brewing System for just $890 and you get free shipping!


GrainFather Beer Brewing System for $890 + Free Shipping


The Grainfather is an all in one automated all grain home beer brewing system. The Grain Father beer brewing system allows you to mash at high efficiency by utilizing a pump for easy recirculating of the wort through the mashing process meaning that you need to use less grain to brew the beer you want, saving you money. At the end of the homebrewing mash cycle, the grain bed is then raised out of the kettle to provide for sparging and draining of the grains. Your mash tun then becomes an electric boil kettle, saving you space and the cost of a separate brewing kettle. This Grainfather homebrew system makes home brewing easy. In fact, even the mash temperature and boil are all controlled precisely with an electric heating element making sure that you hit the ideal sugar conversion targets and ensuring a great beer. The Grain Father Homebrewing Rig system comes with a digital programmable temperature controller so you can adjust temperature of your mash with in a degree and allows for step mashing.

The included home brewing pump allows for easy recirculating of your wort during the mash as well as allows for quick cooling at the end of the boil by allowing you to pump through the included counterflow chiller. If you were to build out a system like this yourself it could easily cost more than $2000, but right now Adventures in Homebrewing has it on sale for just $890 and they even ship it to you for free!

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