West Coast Brewer Special Promotion on Stainless Steel Home Brewing Fermenters

Often times I will scan the most popular home beer brewing blogs and websites for new information, product releases or promotions relating to homebrewing conical fermenters and when I come across a good one I will post it here. I found this incredible homebrew deal currently being displayed at WestCoastBrewer.com.  They are advertising a 14 gallon stainless steel homebrew fermenter for just $495.  The fermenter comes with a rotating stainless steel racking arm, 60° cone for yeast harvesting, weldless thermowell, 1.5” Tri-Clamp Fittings, Pressure relief valve and electrically etched volume markings.  It is a pretty incredible fermenter for the price and has great customer reviews.

Homebrewing Conical Fermenters

Homebrewing Conical Fermenters

I am not too sure how long the promotion will last but you can visit there site at WestCoastBrewer.com for additional details on this stainless steel homebrewing fermenter.

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